US Nationality Trump wants to end birthright citizenship

US Nationality: Trump wants to end birthright citizenship


To put an end to the right of the ground, even if to defend this idea before the Supreme Court. With less than a week of midterm elections in the United States, President Donald Trump once again placed the theme of immigration at the center of his political communication on Wednesday.

For several days, he has continued to multiply alarmist statements about the thousands of migrants from Central America currently making their way to the US border. But since Tuesday, it is the legislative provisions, he wants to tackle. He wants to put an end, by decree, to the right of the soil which stipulates that every child born on the American territory has the American nationality.

An intention he reaffirmed on Twitter : “It will be terminated in one way or another” ground law, “which costs our country billions of dollars and is really unfair to our fellow citizens” , he reaffirmed on Twitter on Wednesday.

Judicial battle in sight
If he asserts that a constitutional revision is not necessary, many experts argue that the president can not challenge by decree this principle included in the 14th amendment of the US Constitution.

This amendment states that “any person born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is a citizen of the United States and the State in which he resides”.

Ground law “is not covered by the 14th Amendment because of the words and subject to their jurisdiction,” says President Trump. This part of the text is generally interpreted as targeting for example foreign diplomats whose children were born in the United States, their parents having diplomatic immunity.

“If nationality by birth guaranteed by the 14th Amendment could be erased from a Trump pen stroke, the whole Constitution could be. There is no limit to this dictatorial demand on our rights, “said Laurence Tribe, law professor at Harvard.

“This case will be decided by the US Supreme Court,” the country’s highest court, wrote President Trump.

New salvo against the Hondurans
In another series of messages, the Republican billionaire has also increased pressure on Mexico, where there are two “caravans” of migrants fleeing violence and misery, gathering about 6,000 people.

Saying he feared an “invasion” of his country by these migrants, Donald Trump announced the deployment of more than 5,200 troops on the US-Mexico border, in addition to the 2,100 members of the National Guard already mobilized.

“We will NOT let these caravans pass, which are also made up of very bad thugs and gang members. Our border is sacred, they must come legally. MAKE A U-TURN ! “.

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