US sends another warship off Iran

US sends another warship off Iran


Building called assault, the USS Arlington is armed with a battery of Patriot missiles. He must support the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier en route to the Persian Gulf.

The Pentagon announced on Friday that a warship with a Patriot missile battery will be sent to the Middle East, adding to the deployment of an aircraft carrier in the region in the face of “imminent” threats of attack. Attributed to Iran.

For a week, the escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran is taking a military turn. After sending an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, and B-52 bombers Tuesday, Washington has decided to send USS Arlington, based at the port of Augusta, Italy, since 8 April according to Marine traffic.

This warship has on board Marines – their number is kept secret – amphibious vehicles as well as conventional landing equipment and helicopters as well as a Patriot air defense system.

  • “The United States does not seek a conflict with Iran”

“This equipment will join USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft strike group and US Air Force bombers special detachment in the Middle East region in response to indications of improved Iranian preparations for offensive operations against US forces and our interests, “justified the US Department of Defense in a statement.

The Pentagon said “continue to closely monitor the activities of the Iranian regime, their army and their affine,” while ensuring that the United States “do not seek a conflict with Iran.”

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