USA: Justice blocks part of border wall funds

USA: Justice blocks part of border wall funds


A US federal judge on Friday ordered the government to temporarily suspend the $ 1 billion allocation from the Pentagon’s budget to build the wall along the border with Mexico that President Donald Trump wanted.

The magistrate of the Northern District of California justified this decision by the fact that the new allocation of funds had not been approved by the Congress.

“The position that the executive could, when Congress refuses a request for funding, find a way to use these funds” without the Congress “, does not respect the fundamental principles of the separation of powers that go back to first days of our Republic, “wrote Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. in his order.

The spokesmen for the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the White House did not respond to Reuters’ solicitations.

Exasperated by Congress’s refusal to release funds for the construction of the wall, a key pledge of his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump has called for a “national emergency” to order the reallocation of $ 6.7 billion already approved to the US Congress. other purposes.

The $ 1 billion targeted by the ordinance was allocated by Congress to Pentagon activities in Arizona and Texas.

The legal battle will continue on Thursday in Washington, DC, when a federal court in the District of Columbia will consider a House of Representatives appeal against the $ 6.1 billion reallocation of the Pentagon’s budget, as lawyers in the House also argue a violation of the separation of powers.

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