Washington allows Iraq to continue buying Iranian gas

Washington allows Iraq to continue buying Iranian gas


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iran may continue to import natural gas and Iranian energy products for a period of 45 days, despite Washington ‘s introduction of new sanctions against Iran on Nov. 5, the embassy said. United States to Baghdad.

“The United States has granted Iraq a temporary exemption for 45 days,” said the embassy in a video posted this week on social networks, adding that this period of time should allow Baghdad “to start taking measures to ensure its energy independence “.

Officials from the Iraqi central bank had warned in August that the national economy was so tied to Iran that Baghdad would demand exemptions from Washington.

The waiver granted by the US authorities is conditioned by the fact that Iran will not pay Iran in dollars.

Washington has already granted an exemption to China, India, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Taiwan and Turkey, which will continue to import Iranian crude for 180 days.

On 5 November, Donald Trump’s administration reintroduced sanctions against the Iranian oil, banking and transport sectors that had been lifted after the July 2015 agreement limiting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear activities.

In addition to oil, these sanctions concern 50 banks and their subsidiaries, more than 200 individuals and vessels in the shipping sector, as well as the national airline, Iran Air, and more than 65 of its aircraft.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said Saturday that the new sanctions imposed by the United States had had no effect on the economy of the Islamic Republic because of the previous retaliatory measures imposed by Washington.

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