When Trump cheats on the shutdown, do you think he doesn't know what he's doing

When Trump cheats on the shutdown, do you think he doesn’t know what he’s doing?


The president Trump is calling for an America where everyone would get along with the help of their neighbor, but certainly not with the federal government.

It is most likely the airports that gave up the dikes. Friday, January 25 in the afternoon, while the media relayed loop air disturbances and shutdown [part of the functioning of the federal government] reached its thirty-sixth day, Donald Trump ended to announce that he was releasing the affair – temporarily – and renouncing his demand for the construction of a border wall with Mexico.

The government will reopen for three weeks, after which, he said carefully, he could declare a state of emergency if it is not allowed to succeed.

Disconnect from reality

Despite weeks of reporting on the extent of the impact of the shutdown on civil servants, Trump still seems to have no idea how important they are, or why the hardships faced by these people are a problem. This is the conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from what we have witnessed in recent weeks.

There was the grotesque statement on Thursday, Jan. 24, when Donald Trump said that officials who needed food banks to feed their families during the shutdown simply had to “collaborate” with the stores and banks. The US president was trying to justify the remarks made by Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary, who explained not understanding how people might not be able to negotiate a loan [to compensate for the stoppage of salary payments].

Here’s how Trump rectified Thursday night: “Local people know who they are when they come to shop and everything else. And I think what Wilbur probably meant is that they will collaborate. I know that banks work with you when you have mortgages, creditors, the loan, the people who collect the interest and all that stuff, they collaborate. And that’s what happens in moments like this. They know people, they have been dealing with them for years, and they collaborate. ”

And everyone laughed at the presidential richard who repeatedly said that it needed a piece of identification to shop at the supermarket and now explains that the shutdown was not such a big problem for officials who did not receive their salary for weeks, since we could simply get a friendly credit from this same supermarket – which is supposed to play the role of food bank, a place to which just many of concerned have been forced to address. It shows such a disconnect from reality that it’s almost funny.

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