White House Russian bombers leave Venezuela on Friday.

White House : Russian bombers leave Venezuela on Friday.


Russia has informed the United States that its two bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons leave Friday Venezuela where they have been stationing since Monday, said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Wednesday.

“We spoke with the representatives of Russia and we were informed that their military aircraft, which landed in Venezuela, would leave on Friday to return to Russia,” she said.

The two strategic bombers TU-160 “White Swan” of the Russian Air Force, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, landed Monday at Maiquetia airport, near Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

The two supersonic aircraft traveled more than 10,000 kilometers to reach Venezuela to affirm the Kremlin’s support for the government of President Nicolas Maduro, Donald Trump‘s “pet peeve”.

Last week, President Maduro met with Vladimir Putin during a visit to Moscow.

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