Xi Jinping promises Taiwan reunification

Xi Jinping promises Taiwan reunification


Xi Jinping promises reunification in Taiwan and challenges his Taiwanese counterpart Tsai Ing-wen by reiterating that Beijing will not give up the force to recover the island.

According to the Chinese president, “Taiwan’s independence will only lead to deadlock” and “China must be reunited”.

Xi Jinping, Chinese President: “The Chinese should not fight against their Chinese compatriots, we are ready to do our best with the utmost sincerity for the peaceful reunification of the motherland, because it serves the best interests of the compatriots of We will not exclude the use of force and all the necessary options.This is aimed at foreign intervention as well as the small group of separatist and separatist militants.This is not aimed at compatriots from Taiwan. ”

Taiwan and the mainland have been governed separately since the end of the Chinese civil war and the communist takeover of the continent in 1949.

Xi Jinping is particularly opposed to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

“The Taiwanese people cherish democratic values, this is their way of life,” the Taiwanese president said Wednesday in response to Xi Jinping’s speech.

Since she came to power in 2016, Tsai Ing-wen has refused to recognize the unity of principle of the island and the continent, and accuses Beijing of increasing military maneuvers near Taiwan.

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